Devesh Sahai

Tech Blogger | Aerial & Travel Photographer | Melodic Progressive House DJ

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Visit my blog where I love to write about technology, gadgets, hacks, India, and anything else that I find interesting.

Drone & DSLR is where my passion for photography, and travelling meets my obsession for flying my drone.

As I wander the world with my Drone & DSLR, capturing the beauty of natural landscapes and urban cities, I share my travel photographs on this website. Along with blog posts that highlight my journeys, Drone & DSLR’s objective is to inspire your travels.

I started DJing back in 2007 under the name d.fy. Between 2008 and 2010, I was a regular in some of the hottest, most happening clubs in Delhi. I even had the pleasure of spinning in some incredible locations in Barcelona.

Back then, I dabbled mostly in Progressive House, and Trance. But after years of DJing I think I’ve finally landed on the perfect genre – Melodic Progressive House.

It’s Progressive House that comes with a sweet melody. Head over to my website and enjoy some of the best DJ mixes that Melodic Progressive House has to offer.