By invitation only…then why advertise?

So every time I drive home, I pass this billboard for Krrish’s “The Eiffel”. But if you look closely at the billboard, a little footer says “By Invitation Only”. So wait, if it’s by invitation only, why do you advertise?

A little more research and I found out that the “Eiffel” has just 14 luxury apartments at 6.3 crores (almost a million Euros) and each comes with its own Audi A6 and personal fitness trainer, among many other things.

Again, I don’t understand the logic of advertising for a building with just 14 apartments, which happens to be by invitation only. Just call up those 14 individuals and take them out to dinner! It’ll be cheaper!

Baffles me…

Update: And yes, if it is to build brand awareness, I personally would have preferred the subtle word of mouth approach. Just my take on it.

Devesh Sahai

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