Nike Push Up Bars

Instead of buying expensive gym memberships, I prefer to keep small work-out equipment in my room.

Over the years I have bought a bunch of stuff, but there is one item that keeps on repeating itself, my Nike Push-Up Bars – which I have bought 4 of in 3 years. Why? Because Nike ensures that it covers the handles of these bars with a foam which is not quite resistant to sweat or moisture. So, before you know it, the foam starts tearing, leaving you with no choice but to buy another pair, which I might add, are not that cheap.

Now obviously Nike could make them more durable by changing the material, but then, how would it get people like me to keep replacing the old worn-out bars with new ones? Oh well, at least 4 pairs of these are still cheaper than 3 years of gym membership!
Update 3 October 2012: Just this morning my push up grips began tearing. This time they lasted just about a month. Screw you Nike!

Devesh Sahai

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