Apprently, Two And A Half Men Is Filth

First they fired Charlie Sheen, then I blogged about how the sitcom has become a s(h)itcom and now young Jake tells the audience to stop watching the show because it is filth!

I agree! It is crap! Well, ok, maybe it wasn’t crap when Charlie Sheen was around doing his filthy deeds. Viewers found a bit of irony in Sheen’s character, which was very much like him in real life if not based on it!

After his unfortunate firing, I think the show’s writers tried to overcompensate for his departure, by over-endowing his successor extra inches and a few billions to make him even more irresistible to women than Charlie! But sadly, it never really played out too well according to me. The humour lost its way, the episode names got weirder (look at the picture above for proof) and even as they brought in an on screen ménage à trois to boost the ratings or shock factor, nothing really seemed to work.

But my opinion isn’t based on a religious matter or belief. It is based on showcasing quality television programming. I think it’s time Chuck Lorre put an end to this and better utilise his time on The Big Bang Theory or something else new.


Devesh Sahai

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