Does Delhi Police Make You Feel Safe?

On a given night driving in Delhi, I usually encounter 2-3 police check-posts. If I’m lucky, I only get stopped once only. Now I’m not the person who messes with the law or disrespects authority but lately I’ve been feeling very unsafe in my own city and it’s all thanks to the Delhi Police and their check-posts (read harassment-posts).

In my opinion random checks and check-posts don’t carry out their intended purpose. In fact, their purpose has become to harass drivers. They’ve become a money making operation. One way or the other, they will make sure you pay them a bribe. The cops harass you till they find a reason to threaten to take away your licence (even if it’s an invalid reason), and then of course give you a way out a.k.a bribe. It’s happened to me way too often.

The other day I heard a shocking incident. My friend Vohra was stopped at one of these check-posts and asked to take a breath analyzer test. He had just left home and there was not an iota of alcohol in his system. But when he took the test, the device showed a presence of 7.5 mgs of alcohol in his breath. When he protested and fought to a point that he made the policeman take the test, it turned out that the device had been rigged to show a minimum of 7.5 mgs! This is the state of our police force…

I don’t feel safe with them around me. I feel threatened by their uncouth behaviour and constant abuse of power. Let’s not forget their attitude towards rapes in the city (how women deserve it) and the laxity with which they treated the latest case of the five year old girl.

If you live in Delhi/NCR, I want you to tell me how you feel about the Delhi Police. Take this poll or leave your comments underneath. I would really love to hear from you!

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Devesh Sahai

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