So there’s a whole bunch of things out there that tick me off. And then there’s another list of things which I can never wrap my head around and against which I have some strong opinions.

So there’s this new gym in Gurgaon which has been promoting itself on Facebook and often shows up on my newsfeed. It’s called the “Gym Club”. And I think they’re trying to promote themselves as a ‘club with a gym’ or a ‘gym with a club’ (the “hey let’s go clubbing” kind of club). Either way, it doesn’t work for me.

Now I appreciate the innovation to stand out of the crowd of plain gyms but sometimes there are concepts or ideas that don’t really blend well together. This is one such concept.

There are people who go to the gym 4-6 days a week. For them the gym is sacred. Then there are those who frequent the gym a few times a week, but they are regulars too. Then there are those who come to the gym at the beginning of the new year, and are never to be seen again after they pay up.

The Gym Club concept, in my opinion, would never appeal to the first category of people. For them, you don’t mess around with the holiness of a gym. A gym is a gym. You go there, lift your weights, and get out. It has its own feel and charm. Take a look at the Gym Club. It completely messes with what makes a gym, a gym. Gyms are boring for those who don’t really care about them in the first place. I personally love the plain-bland feel of a gym. That’s the way it’s meant to be. Not some dimly lit, dj-spinning night club version of it.

Personally, I doubt this concept will work with gym-worshipers. It might appeal to the not-so-serious gym goers, but then again, they aren’t the ones who will stick around to give you steady business. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I was taking a very business concept sort of approach to this blog post.

I personally believe that products/services created out of an mash-up of two separate ideas seldom work. I feel that the final product/service is a half assed, half baked effort of two ideas, neither doing complete justice to the final product.

I remember almost a year ago, my friend came raving to me about this new Samsung hybrid notebook which ran Windows and Android. My first reaction was – god that’s awful! It’s never going to work. Well, it never got released in the first place but what was the point of adding two operating systems, both meant for very different types of devices. It really adds no value to the end user. And I really never saw picking up.

These awful disfigured hybrids or love-children make me cringe. Mobile gaming is another such product and that’s why I find it impossible to invest in companies such as Zygna or King.com (assuming I have money). I consider them as a fad – always looking for the next idea which will get casual gamers playing for the next few days. Casual gamers, like casual gymmers, shouldn’t be the core of your business plan. They’re too fickle to really hang around. Yes, you’ll get them initially in hordes, and the volume will keep you afloat for a while. But then, it’s not sustainable in the long run.

That’s just my take. If you’re starting a business, do it well. Don’t create a half baked lovechild of two ideas. It’s just a mish-mash of stuff which takes away from the essence of both the original ideas.

Devesh Sahai

2 thoughts on “50:50

  1. Such a concept in Delhi/NCR would work even with the regular gym goers since for most people they want to go to places which they can talk about. This is exactly why Gold’s gym or Ozone in def col are popular, because that is where the who’s who of Delhi hang and its perceived as a cool place to be seen in. Ozone infact has a bar for its members inside the gym. Why would anyone want to drink alcohol before, during or right after having gone to the gym is beyond me, but that is how most Delhiites like to roll..

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