This Is Pathetic

“You Won’t Believe What This Anonymous Group Of Indians Do To People Who Urinate In Public”…I think that they are a bunch of idiots, seriously!

By now many of you would have seen this video go viral. It’s taken from this Storypick blog and apparently everyone on Facebook seems to love the masked vigilantes spraying men taking a leak on the side of the road. All posts sharing this blog seem praising and exalting the act but sadly, I am not in favour of this sort of behaviour. It reminds me of the Rang de Basanti mentality.

So let me start of by stating something first, public urination in India is a huge problem. I was in Nehru Place today and I literally died of the stench of urine in its narrow lanes. And in this 42 degrees Celsius heat, I swear that I could see the fumes rise from the walls and choke me to death. I repeat, public urination is a big problem in India. But you know what’s a bigger problem, lack of public toilets.

It’s so easy for us to lose our focus on the real problem at hand and get taken aback by some morons hosing down innocent people using water cannons (aren’t they painful) like they’re some sort of criminals. Be honest here, if you’re a male and living in India, have you never gotten off in the middle of the road to take a leak? Seriously?

But again, problem at hand – our cities are spread out and poorly designed. One can spend an eternity on roads in Delhi without crossing a public restroom or a commercial establishment (McDonald’s, Starbucks) where one can park one’s car and quickly take a wizz.

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Men don’t pee on the road because they want to, it’s because they don’t have a choice. You can’t always “hold it in”! So instead of wasting water (which many people in our cities don’t have access to), mentality and physically traumatising individuals on the street, channel that energy into finding a solution to this problem. Start a port-a-potties’ business, build toilets…be creative. I remember almost a decade ago, the residents of a south Delhi neighbourhood put up images of gods and deities on their neighbourhood walls to discourage people from spitting or peeing on them. Brilliant solution I say! Driving around in your “Pissing Tanker” assaulting people for your own amusement isn’t going to solve anything.

Devesh Sahai

2 thoughts on “This Is Pathetic

  1. So why don’t women do it in public? How do they “hold it in”? Agreed, there’s a serious lack of public loos, and the usurping problem again, like I told you not so long ago – is population! And I bet my buck on the fact that despite putting up a systems of Sulabh Shauchalayas pan India, this is one habit that’s not gonna die anytime soon. You underestimate the value of a whole rupee in this country 🙂

    And just because you, me or anyone else has taken a piss in public doesn’t mean its cool to water the surroundings. You said you literally died this afternoon, I’m assuming you meant virtually, unless that was your ghost this evening 😉

    Also, I was taking a look at all your writings – you seem to be lambasting everything and highlighting all the wrongs around you – what Sachin SHOULD do, why festivals suck, our jugaad vs creative attitude, traffic woes. Be kinder to this country, I love too many things about it every time I come back to it 🙂

    1. over 600 million people don’t have access to toilets in this country. i’m sure 49% of that is women. also, the logistics of peeing on the road is different for them, maybe they hide themselves really well. let’s not forget, the vast majority of the floating population in our cities is still men. women sadly still tend to sit at home.
      like i said, i personally feel that we have our priorities wrong as a country. yes we do have a sizable and unmanageable population. but giving up by blaming everything on it is the wrong attitude. if people refuse to pay one rupee, make them pay a 100 as a fine and ENFORCE it. besides law enforcement is another topic of discussion. there are solutions.
      as for my blog, i write about things which i feel strongly. i thought we agreed there was nothing to love about this country. and quite frankly, i don’t find anything that i’m drawn towards in this country.

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