Make The Most Of Your Netflix Account With This Hack

Netflix is probably the best thing to happen since linear television. It’s binge television! And now that it’s available in almost every country in the world, it’s time you learned how to make the most of your Netflix account with this hack.

This post will guide you on how to access Netflix’s entire content library, including all those movies and shows that are not available in your region.

Since I wrote this post, there have been a lot of changes that have taken place. Netflix has really upped its game when it has come to blocking VPN and Smart DNS services. But as it turns out, not all is lost. It’s a game of cat and mouse, and although Netflix has introduced some big changes, it is still possible to access content libraries from outside your country. So, if you’re getting stuck or need help after reading this post, please feel free to drop me a message or leave a comment below.

I bet a ton of people jumped on the Netflix and chill bandwagon the moment Netflix announced it’s presence in 130 countries. However, you might have not been aware when you signed up that Netflix’s content library differs from country to country. This might have become apparent once you logged in and discovered that many of the shows and movies that your friends in the US or UK are watching are not available in your country.

Netflix users in India and Russia will experience the most restrictions, with only 722 and 740 respective titles available, compared to 5,748 in the US and 14,000 titles available globally on Netflix.

What? 14,000 titles! How do you get access to such an extensive library? This can easily be fixed and that’s how you can make the most of your Netflix account with this hack.

[fruitful_dbox] This hack will let you access every movie and TV show avilable on Netflix, even those not available in your country or hidden by Netflix[/fruitful_dbox]

How do I access Netflix US? How do I access Netflix movies / shows that are blocked in my region? How do I know which all shows are even available on Netflix? How do I unlock hidden genres or movies in Netflix?

It’s really quite simple. Here are step-by-step instructions that will allow you to change your Netflix region and access content from any Netflix library in the world (even if it’s hidden):

Hack Your Netflix Account In These 5 Simple Steps

1. Get A Netflix account


Now that Netflix is available in your country, it’s probably best to buy an account in your local currency. Netflix’s pricing is (more or less) standard across the world and you’ll probably save on any bank or conversion charges if you pay in your local currency.

Clarification: You ONLY have to pay for Netflix in your own country even if you want to access Netflix’s library in another country. If you have a Netflix India account, you DO NOT have to pay Netflix USA fees to access their content.

If you’re on the fence about getting your own Netflix account, don’t overthink it, just get it.

[fruitful_tabs type=”accordion” width=”100%” fit=”false”] [fruitful_tab title=”Why should you get a Netflix account?”]

Fair question. After all, you’re probably thinking – I can torrent or Popcortime all my shows and movies for free. True. But after using Netflix for over 3 years, I can personally vouch for Netflix’s value.

Netflix offers convenience and reliability

Netflix is super convenient! No more surfing dodgy torrent websites that inject malware into your browser. No more waiting for the show to load on your crappy internet connection.

Netflix, in fact, adjusts its video quality to match your internet connection speed, so that the playback is almost instantaneous. And as it keeps buffering, the quality of the video improves.

And of course, you can download the app on all your devices, and consume content wherever you go (bye bye social life). Your account will remember where you left off watching a show or a movie and you can resume it later, on any device!

Also, Netflix is extremely reliable. If you’ve ever used apps such as Popcorntime or, you’ll know how patchy they can be.

As much as I love the sound of free movies, there is a lot of value in the convenience that Netflix offers.

Netflix has some of the best original shows

I think one of the reasons Netflix could overnight expand its presence to 130 countries is because of its library of original programming. Programming that is licensed from outside production companies is restricted by their licensing agreements. That’s why Netflix can’t show a movie that is only made available for US and Canada in other country. However, it’s a different game when Netflix is the production company and owns the rights.

[/fruitful_tab] [/fruitful_tabs]

Over the past couple of years, Netflix has produced some binge-worthy shows that have gone on to win Emmy’s. From House of Cards, to Narcos, and Master of None, these are all original Netflix produced shows. If you’re curious, here’s the full list. And given its global-expansion strategy, that list is only going to grow. And the good news is that a Netflix account in any country can enjoy these Netflix originals.

My personal favourite Netflix show

Make sure that you watch Daredevil on Netflix
Make sure that you watch Daredevil on Netflix

But other than the original shows, that are available in every Netflix country, movies and shows that are licensed from outside studios are restricted to certain regions only. Think of them as those annoying region-restricted DVDs from back in the day. To play those discs, you either got a region-free DVD player or changed regions on your computer’s DVD player.

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So then, what do you do about region restricted Netflix?

2. Get A Worldwide VPN Service

For those of you who used a VPN to access Netflix, do not get rid of the VPN service just yet! For the others, get yourself a VPN account today. Even The Verge agrees that “a worldwide VPN just became the best Netflix accessory ever” and Techcrunch is urging you to buy a VPN.

Some of the best stocked (or differently stocked) Netflix content libraries are in countries you’d least expect – The Netherlands, Mexico, and Canada. For some strange reason, I’ve always found the most popular and latest movies in these Netflix libraries.

Coming back to my point, the reason you need a proper worldwide VPN is so that you have access to most of the countries in which Netflix has well stocked libraries. Your VPN service should not only be fast but also have an option to connect to USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, and Mexico.

Feel free to do your own research on VPNs, but if you need a top-notch VPN with a large list of countries, you can use my ExpressVPN referral code and avail 30 days free when you sign up 🙂

Free VPN services will either lack these locations and/or will be extremely slow to use. Avoid free or cheap VPNs and get yourself something worth your money.

So, now that you have a proper worldwide VPN service and a Netflix account. Let’s start searching for movies and shows, shall we…

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By now you’ve probably heard of Smart DNS in relation to VPN. Smart DNS is a service built for speed and unblocking services such as Netflix. Smart TV’s, Apple TV, etc. can’t use VPNs and thus rely on Smart DNS to unblock content.

A Smart DNS may be a good option if your device can’t support a VPN or your Internet connection isn’t the fastest.

Also, it seems that currently Smart DNS providers have the upper hand when it comes to unblocking Netflix.

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3. Use A Netflix Search Engine

Netflix search engines allow you to search across all Netflix libraries. My favourite one is called Filmefy. Filmefy even has an app that you can download for your mobile device.

Turns out Netflix really upped their game in this fight. Please switch to uNoGS to search for Netflix content.

Filmefy uNoGS let’s you browse and search for movies and shows, and tells you in which country’s Netflix library can you watch it. Take this example of The Imitation Game – a movie only available in a few Latin American countries and Canada. So unless you’re in those countries, there’s no chance for you to watch this movie.

make the most of your Netflix account with this hack
Use a Netflix search engine to find a movie that is not available in your region

But of course this post is about how you can watch such content. So, once you’ve found a movie or show that you want to watch, fire up that VPN.

4. Connect To Netflix Using Your VPN

In the example above, the movie that I want to watch is available on Netflix in Mexico, Panama, Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica and Canada. If you try searching for The Imitation Game on Netflix in country other than those, this is what you’ll get to see.

Before: No VPN, local Netflix
make the most of your Netflix account with this hack
Nope, this movie isn’t available in my region 🙁

However, all you need to do is connect to one of those countries using a VPN (that’s why you need a proper worldwide VPN) and log into Netflix. And just like that, presto manifesto, Netflix will load it’s content libarary from the new country and you will be able to stream any restricted movie or show!

After: With VPN, unlimited Netflix
make the most of your Netflix account with this hack
And now I have access to every single movie or show on Netflix 🙂

It’s as easy as that.

5. Unlock Netflix Hidden Categories

Here’s another hack that I discovered to unlock hidden categories. Whenever you click on a genre in the Netflix menu, the URL you get looks something like In fact, you play around with the end number to uncover hidden categories.

Click on the accordion below to view the entire list of all the Netflix categories (warning, it’s a long list).

Or you could simply install Super Browse, an awesome plugin for Chrome or Firefox, that essentially adds another tab in the Netflix menu with a drop-down of every single genre! How awesome is that!!!

[fruitful_tabs type=”accordion” width=”100%” fit=”false”] [fruitful_tab title=”Netflix Hidden Categories List”]

1365 = Action & Adventure

77232 = Asian Action Movies

46576 = Classic Action & Adventure

43040 = Action Comedies

43048 = Action Thrillers

8985 = Martial Arts Movies

2125 = Military Action & Adventure

7442 = Adventures

10118 = Comic Book and Superhero Movies

7700 = Westerns

10702 = Spy Action & Adventure

9584 = Crime Action & Adventure

11828 = Foreign Action & Adventure

7424 = Anime

11881 = Adult Animation

2653 = Anime Action

9302 = Anime Comedies

452 = Anime Dramas

3063 = Anime Features

2729 = Anime Sci-Fi

10695 = Anime Horror

11146 = Anime Fantasy

6721 = Anime Series

783 = Children & Family Movies

6796 = Movies for ages 0 to 2

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6218 = Movies for ages 2 to 4

5455 = Movies for ages 5 to 7

561 = Movies for ages 8 to 10

6962 = Movies for ages 11 to 12

10659 = Education for Kids

67673 = Disney

10056 = Movies based on children’s books

51056 = Family Features

11177 = TV Cartoons

27346 = Kids’ TV

52843 = Kids Music

5507 = Animal Tales

31574 = Classic Movies

31694 = Classic Comedies

29809 = Classic Dramas

47147 = Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy

46588 = Classic Thrillers

7687 = Film Noir

48744 = Classic War Movies

52858 = Epics

32473 = Classic Foreign Movies

53310 = Silent Movies

47465 = Classic Westerns

6548 = Comedies

869 = Dark Comedies

4426 = Foreign Comedies

1402 = Late Night Comedies

26 = Mockumentaries

2700 = Political Comedies

9702 = Screwball Comedies

5286 = Sports Comedies

11559 = Stand-up Comedy

3519 = Teen Comedies

4922 = Satires

5475 = Romantic Comedies

10256 = Slapstick Comedies

7627 = Cult Movies

8195 = B-Horror Movies

1252 = Campy Movies

10944 = Cult Horror Movies

4734 = Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy

9434 = Cult Comedies

4195 = Independent Comedies

6839 = Documentaries

3652 = Biographical Documentaries

9875 = Crime Documentaries

5161 = Foreign Documentaries

5349 = Historical Documentaries

4006 = Military Documentaries

180 = Sports Documentaries

90361 = Music & Concert Documentaries

1159 = Travel & Adventure Documentaries

7018 = Political Documentaries

10005 = Religious Documentaries

2595 = Science & Nature Documentaries

3675 = Social & Cultural Documentaries

5763 = Dramas

3179 = Biographical Dramas

29809 = Classic Dramas

528582748 = Courtroom Dramas

6889 = Crime Dramas

4961 = Dramas based on Books

3653 = Dramas based on real life

6384 = Tearjerkers

2150 = Foreign Dramas

7243 = Sports Dramas

500 = Gay & Lesbian Dramas

384 = Independent Dramas

9299 = Teen Dramas

11 = Military Dramas

12123 = Period Pieces

6616 = Political Dramas

1255 = Romantic Dramas

5012 = Showbiz Dramas

3947 = Social Issue Dramas

26835 = Faith & Spirituality

52804 = Faith & Spirituality Movies

2760 = Spiritual Documentaries

751423 = Kids Faith & Spirituality

384 = Independent Dramas

7462 = Foreign Movies

29764 = Art House Movies

11828 = Foreign Action & Adventure

32473 = Classic Foreign Movies

4426 = Foreign Comedies

5161 = Foreign Documentaries

2150 = Foreign Dramas

8243 = Foreign Gay & Lesbian Movies

8654 = Foreign Horror Movies

6485 = Foreign Sci-Fi & Fantasy

10306 = Foreign Thrillers

7153 = Romantic Foreign Movies

3761 = African Movies

5230 = Australian Movies

262 = Belgian Movies

5685 = Korean Movies

1613 = Latin American Movies

5875 = Middle Eastern Movies

63782 = New Zealand Movies

11567 = Russian

9292 = Scandinavian Movies

9196 = Southeast Asian Movies

58741 = Spanish Movies

61115 = Greek Movies

58886 = German Movies

58807 = French Movies

5254 = Eastern European Movies

10606 = Dutch Movies

58750 = Irish Movies

10398 = Japanese Movies

8221 = Italian Movies

10463 = Indian Movies

3960 = Chinese Movies

10757 = British Movies

8711 = Horror Movies

8195 = B-Horror Movies

6895 = Creature Features

10944 = Cult Horror Movies

45028 = Deep Sea Horror Movies

8654 = Foreign Horror Movies

89585 = Horror Comedy

947 = Monster Movies

8646 = Slasher and Serial Killer Movies

42023 = Supernatural Horror Movies

52147 = Teen Screams

75804 = Vampire Horror Movies

75930 = Werewolf Horror Movies

75405 = Zombie Horror Movies

6998 = Satanic Stories

7077 = Independent Movies

11079 = Experimental Movies

11804 = Independent Action & Adventure

3269 = Independent Thrillers

9916 = Romantic Independent Movies

1701 = Music

52843 = Kids Music

1105 = Country & Western/Folk

10271 = Jazz & Easy Listening

10741 = Latin Music

9472 = Urban & Dance Concerts

2856 = World Music Concerts

3278 = Rock & Pop Concerts

13335 = Musicals

32392 = Classic Musicals

59433 = Disney Musicals

13573 = Showbiz Musicals

55774 = Stage Musicals

8883 = Romantic Movies

502675 = Romantic Favorites

36103 = Quirky Romance

9916 = Romantic Independent Movies

7153 = Romantic Foreign Movies

1255 = Romantic Dramas

35800 = Steamy Romantic Movies

31273 = Classic Romantic Movies

5475 = Romantic Comedies

1492 = Sci-Fi & Fantasy

1568 = Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy

3327 = Alien Sci-Fi

47147 = Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy

4734 = Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy

9744 = Fantasy Movies

6926 = Sci-Fi Adventure

3916 = Sci-Fi Dramas

1694 = Sci-Fi Horror Movies

11014 = Sci-Fi Thrillers

6485 = Foreign Sci-Fi & Fantasy

4370 = Sports Movies

5286 = Sports Comedies

180 = Sports Documentaries

7243 = Sports Dramas

12339 = Baseball Movies

12803 = Football Movies

12443 = Boxing Movies

12549 = Soccer Movies

6695 = Martial Arts, Boxing & Wrestling

12762 = Basketball Movies

9327 = Sports & Fitness

8933 = Thrillers

43048 = Action Thrillers

46588 = Classic Thrillers

10499 = Crime Thrillers

10306 = Foreign Thrillers

3269 = Independent Thrillers

31851 = Gangster Movies

5505 = Psychological Thrillers

10504 = Political Thrillers

9994 = Mysteries

11014 = Sci-Fi Thrillers

9147 = Spy Thrillers

972 = Steamy Thrillers

11140 = Supernatural Thrillers

83 = TV Shows

52117 = British TV Shows

46553 = Classic TV Shows

26146 = Crime TV Shows

74652 = Cult TV Shows

72436 = Food & Travel TV

27346 = Kids’ TV

67879 = Korean TV Shows

4814 = Miniseries

25804 = Military TV Shows

52780 = Science & Nature TV

10673 = TV Action & Adventure

10375 = TV Comedies

10105 = TV Documentaries

11714 = TV Dramas

83059 = TV Horror

4366 = TV Mysteries

1372 = TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy

9833 = Reality TV

60951 = Teen TV Shows

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Now that’s how you make the most of your Netflix account with this hack. Bring in the popcorn or whatever it is, it’s time to Netflix and Chill 😉

[fruitful_alert type=”alert-success”]Disclaimer – This hack is best suited for watching Netflix on your PC or Mac. With an Android or iOS, you will not be able to use hack no. 5. This hack will not work if you’re trying to watch Netflix on your SmartTV, Chromecast, Apple TV, or any other console or streaming device. If you want to learn how to make those devices work, drop me a message or leave a comment below.[/fruitful_alert]

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