You’re A Strange Country, India

Everyday I get alerts on what are the 10 most searched topics in India on Google. Today’s trending searches really caught my attention.

Shouldn't it read, 'how not to get pregnant'?
Shouldn’t it read, ‘how not to get pregnant’?

The most searched topic in India on 28 January 2016 was the ‘Australian Open’ (kind of expected) followed by the ‘zika virus‘. For those unaware, there is a possible link that pregnant women infected with the zika virus could give birth to children with microcephaly, a neurodevelopment disorder. In fact, governments of Latin American countries are advising women to postpone getting pregnant or not get pregnant until more is known about the possible risks. The WHO is issuing epidemic alerts and the travel advisories. And it is for these reasons why the fourth most searched topic on Google, India caught my attention.

I don’t know what’s more alarming – the fact that Indian’s are searching for ‘how to get pregnant’ or that they are searching for ‘how to get pregnant’ after reading up about the zika virus. I somehow found that strangely disturbing.

No wait, Donald Trump trending over cricket has to be more disturbing!

But jokes apart, for better or for worse these search trends provide you with a glimpse into the minds of the Indian janta. If the zika virus can’t deter Indians from getting pregnant, I don’t know what can.

Update: And if this post wasn’t weird enough, Tata couldn’t have picked a better time to launch this car.

Great choice for a name, Tata
Great choice for a name, Tata

Devesh Sahai

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