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Everything You Need To Know About Kodi

So you’ve been hearing a lot about “Kodi” recently and wondering to yourself, “what the hell is Kodi?”. All your friends are using Kodi to watch their favourite TV shows, and movies. The next thing you know, someone’s got a Kodi Box. Great, but what on earth is a Kodi Box?!?

Have these questions about Kodi been baffling you? Well then, you’ve come to the right place. It’s time to answer all those pressing questions you may have about Kodi, and get you up to speed about the best software to watch your favourite TV shows, movies, and live television.

Kodi For Beginners

In the simplest terms, Kodi is a free, open source media platform that you can install on ANY device practically (except non-jailbroken iOS devices because f#$% Apple). It was built with the objective of acting as the brains behind a home entertainment system. In other words, Kodi is a one-stop access point, or hub, for your photos, videos, and music.

Freshly installed Kodi

Kodi is the ultimate media hub that can play any local or online content. 

If you were to install Kodi on your device right now, it would act as a browser and viewer for all the media content on your device’s storage. However, when you hear people talking about Kodi, it’s usually not this media browsing functionality. Not at all.

“Add-ons” Are What Make Kodi Cool

You see, Kodi is an open source platform, which means that it’s opens to a world of infinite possibilities. To unleash to true potential of Kodi, you need to install something known as “add-ons”. Add-ons give Kodi the power to go beyond your local media, and access any content that’s available on the internet.

Forget everything else, just focus on the add-ons

Now this is where Kodi enters a grey area – some native add-ons can be installed directly from within Kodi and are perfectly legal. And there are other add-ons that require a bit of effort to install, and are not entirely legal.

Accessing Online Content On Kodi, Legally

Think about all the content that you consume online – for example online radio and TV channels. Currently, to access this content you’re required to visit their individual websites or install their apps.

However, through add-ons Kodi can consolidate and make them accessible from within itself. So instead of visiting di.fm, or Soundcloud from your browser or their apps, simply add them to Kodi. Instead of visiting YouTube or Twitch to watch video content, add them to Kodi too.

DI.fm and Soundcloud – two of my favourite online music sources

With these add-ons, all these services will be accessible via Kodi. You’ll never have to leave Kodi to consume any type of online media content, ever.

Access Any Online Content Using Kodi (Piracy)

Accessing YouTube videos, or online radio channels through Kodi sounds kind of lame. But what if I told you that you can stream any movie (new or old), TV show, or watch live sports or TV channels (IPTV) from any country…for free! Now I have your attention.

There are hundreds of such add-ons for Kodi (Exodus, Phoenix, CCTV, Halow) that provide such options. They give you the power to stream anything that you desire. No more torrenting, no more downloading. Just install these add-ons and you’re good to go.

Some cool Kodi add-ons
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What’s A Kodi Box?

Now that you know what Kodi can do, doesn’t it make sense to run Kodi on your TV? After all, Kodi would make the best home entertainment system on the planet! And that’s why we have a Kodi box.

A Kodi Box (also referred to as an Android TV box) is a device that runs Kodi, usually on top of Android, and connects to your TV. It has the power to stream any content directly onto your TV. It is what I would call the  ultimate media streaming set-top-box . You can even run Kodi on devices such as the Amazon Fire TV, and the Nvidia Shield.

A Kodi Box / Android TV Box

A Kodi Box can stream any movie, TV show, or live channel (also known as IPTV) from anywhere in the world, to your TV. With a Kodi Box (or an Android TV box) you don’t need to download any movie or TV show ever. Heck, I’d say you don’t even need to have a cable TV subscription any more. Kodi is great option if you’re planning on joining the cord-cutting revolution.

 Disclaimer: Of course, you need a good internet connection with high or unlimited bandwidth caps to enjoy Kodi. 

Do I Need A VPN With Kodi?

In my experience there are two cases where you definitely need to use a VPN with Kodi.

1. To Watch Geo-restricted Add-Ons

There are some legal add-ons within Kodi that are geo-restricted, i.e. can only work if you’re in a certain country. There is no restriction on installing the add-on, but when it comes to running them you may encounter an error.

Geo-restricted error – You’ll get an error without a VPN

A good example of this is the ABC add-on. You can watch any episode on the ABC network if you’re in the US. However, if you’re outside the US, tough luck.

But if you get a VPN, you can watch ABC shows on-demand as if you were in the US. The same applies for other geo-restricted add-ons.

ABC show plays just fine with a VPN connected to the US

2. If Kodi is banned in your country

Some countries and ISPs want to treat Kodi the same way they treat any other pirated content such as bittorrent, or illegal downloading.

If you want peace of mind while watching your favourite content on Kodi, then I’d say always use protection. Use a VPN.

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Is Kodi Legal?

Yes, there’s nothing illegal about Kodi.

Kodi in itself is a perfectly legal piece of software. However, it’s once you add all those add-ons to stream pirated content that it enters a grey area. There is a lot of ongoing debate in the US and UK about the legality of Kodi and Kodi Boxes. If you’re ensure about using Kodi where you’re located, I’d say get a VPN.

So, there you have it. A crash course into Kodi. Hope you have a better idea into the world of Kodi after reading this blog post.

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