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Best Air Purifiers, Pollution Masks for Delhi’s Pollution

I blog about Delhi’s toxic pollution levels every year. But this year I’m doing something different. I’m going to list down for my recommendations for air purifiers, anti-pollution masks, car air purifiers, and air quality monitors. Everything you need to survive the horrific levels of pollution in Delhi. I’m delighted to finally see awareness hitting […]

Everyday Life Grinds My Gears


So there’s a whole bunch of things out there that tick me off. And then there’s another list of things which I can never wrap my head around and against which I have some strong opinions. So there’s this new gym in Gurgaon which has been promoting itself on Facebook and often shows up on […]

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The Downside To Up-selling

The other day I’m at The Body Shop shopping for…something. Let’s call it ‘X’. So, I’m standing at the cashier ready to check out when a sales person looks at what I’m buying and says, “Sir, would you like to buy the new night version of product X. If you buy both, you get a […]