The Paradox of Convenience

I recently traded my Gillette Fusion multi-blade razor for a good old fashioned safety razor. Not just that, I’ve gone back to old-school shaving. You could say that I’ve traded-in something newer and convenient for something older and relatively inconvenient. On the surface, I’d agree. But are those extra minutes spent shaving every morning worth it? Quite […]

Alternatives To The Nexus 6

The Nexus 6 pre-orders will soon be rolling out across the world. However at $600+, the Nexus 6 seems a bit too pricey given how we’ve all been spoiled by the sub $400 Nexus 4 and 5. And if that wasn’t a deterrent already, 6 inches may be a bit too big for some of us to handle […]

My Jawbone UP24

Update: After 6 months, my Jawbone UP24 broke. The internals snapped while I was sleeping. Sadly, as I had purchased it in Amsterdam, there was no way of returning it for a refund without incurring some substantial costs. So instead, I went bought myself a Xiaomi MiBand. How’s that in comparison to the UP24? I’ll let […]