The End Is (Almost) Here

You guys probably think I’m some BB hating, RIM bashing guy. Well, I won’t deny it, I am. And today I’m delighted that BB declared massive lay offs, a $1 billion loss and that they are finally deciding to move away from consumer markets. All on the (supposed) eve of the launch of BBM for […]


In the autumn months of 2007, I remember sitting with a bunch of my friends discussing the launch the iPhone. We scoffed at its lack of copy-paste feature as we proudly held onto our Nokias. None of us saw what the iPhone really stood for, an evolution in personal mobile computing rather than an evolution […]

So Long HTC

So last night Samsung released its new Galaxy S4 among great fanfare and Broadway drama. The device, which looks similar to the S3, is overloaded with hardware and software goodies and accessories to track your health or make gaming fun. You can read about that all over the net if you’re interested. What I’m going […]

After A Week With iOS

I’ve spent a week playing with my new Apple iPad Mini and somehow I think it warrants a blog post. It’s no secret that I’m a huge gadget/tech lover. Although my phone and tablet are Android, I love Apple products even if I can’t bring myself to buy them all. After having used a Sony […]

Apple’s Upgrade Fatigue

So yesterday Apple unveiled its 4th generation iPad. Now usually such an announcement is greeted with much fanfare and adulation, however yesterday’s excitement was diluted because this launch was just 7 months after the previous 3rd generation iPad. This left many 3rd generation iPad owners cheated, understandably so. Apple made their new iPad obsolete with […]

A Tale Of Two Faltering Giants

So let’s skip to the chase – both Nokia and Research in Motion (RIM), the makers of Blackberry, are struggling to fight against the dominance of Apple and Google in the smartphone world. Not so long ago, Nokia and RIM were at the top of their game. I don’t want to ponder over the strategic […]

Bad Piggies

Rovio, the company behind Angry Birds, launched their latest game, Bad Piggies. I’ve been playing it for the last 10 minutes or so and it’s fun! But I can’t seem to get my mind away from the fact that it costs .99 cents on iTunes and is free on the Google Play Store.