This Is Pathetic

“You Won’t Believe What This Anonymous Group Of Indians Do To People Who Urinate In Public”…I think that they are a bunch of idiots, seriously! By now many of you would have seen this video go viral. It’s taken from this Storypick blog and apparently everyone on Facebook seems to love the masked vigilantes spraying […]

Watch The Fog Lift Over Gurgaon

One the night of Lohri, a couple of us friends were driving back from Dadhikar Fort when I told these guys – tomorrow is going to be one foggy morning! And it was. Pretty damn foggy. So what has fascinated me about the fog every winter is how within a few hours it drifts away […]

Be That Change

Last year, there were close to 600 reported rapes in Delhi. The unofficial number is probably more than double that. Since the unfortunate incident in Delhi last weekend, there have been two more reported rapes, one minor in Delhi (again) and another gang rape in Uttar Pradesh. Why aren’t we protesting against those, or thousands […]

WTF Delhi!

Seriously, what the hell is going on in Delhi for the past few days? Am I the only one concerned about the quality of air we’re breathing? Does anybody give a shit about this thick layer of pollution over the city?

Traffic Outlaws

If any of you have driven in Delhi/NCR recently, you would have probably noticed that there is a lot more lawlessness on our streets than a couple of years ago. Maybe I’m just noticing it as I’m driving more since I’ve been back. But either way, it is very noticeable. I’m not talking about the […]