You’re A Strange Country, India

Everyday I get alerts on what are the 10 most searched topics in India on Google. Today’s trending searches really caught my attention. The most searched topic in India on 28 January 2016 was the ‘Australian Open’ (kind of expected) followed by the ‘zika virus‘. For those unaware, there is a possible link that pregnant women infected with the […]

This Is Pathetic

“You Won’t Believe What This Anonymous Group Of Indians Do To People Who Urinate In Public”…I think that they are a bunch of idiots, seriously! By now many of you would have seen this video go viral. It’s taken from this Storypick blog and apparently everyone on Facebook seems to love the masked vigilantes spraying […]

Get On With It

So if you’re Indian or have tons of Indians friends, I bet your Facebook feed like mine is full of Supreme Court bashing posts. So instead of bothering you on Facebook, I’m just going to leave my incoherent ramblings here.

The Next Innings

This weekend saw a turning point in the history of cricket, and also in the history of India. Sachin Tendulkar, a cricket legend and a demi-god in this country, retired from international test cricket after over two decades. Now I’m really not a cricket fan, but if Sachin Tendulkar was ever batting, hell I’d watch […]

Priorities For India

So last Friday the four rapists were sentenced to death for the brutal crime they committed almost a year ago. A punishment well suited in my opinion. I honestly don’t think scum like them should be allowed to live in society. But like everything almost else this country does, we’re once again missing the trees […]

Jugaad And The Death Of Craftmanship

Jugaad is probably one of India’s best gifts to the world. The word originally comes from a vehicle that is put together using the chassis of a tractor/bus/mini bus and an agriculture water pump as its engine. It’s a word that is used to describe a process of creative innovation when resources are limited. Like […]

A Language Formerly Known As English

So the other day while I was waiting for my girlfriend at the mall I decided to kill some time by checking out what’s new at Zara. I walked in, browsed around with nothing really catching my eye…except for four loud teenagers. Nevertheless, I picked up some clothes to try on and walked towards the […]

Drifting Away

The other day I was at a stand-up comedy show and some moron made a joke about how it’s “rape season” in India these days. I laughed like crazy not because it’s true, but because of the shock value and I don’t think this is a subject you can joke about. But it is the […]

Be That Change

Last year, there were close to 600 reported rapes in Delhi. The unofficial number is probably more than double that. Since the unfortunate incident in Delhi last weekend, there have been two more reported rapes, one minor in Delhi (again) and another gang rape in Uttar Pradesh. Why aren’t we protesting against those, or thousands […]