Does Delhi Police Make You Feel Safe?

On a given night driving in Delhi, I usually encounter 2-3 police check-posts. If I’m lucky, I only get stopped once only. Now I’m not the person who messes with the law or disrespects authority but lately I’ve been feeling very unsafe in my own city and it’s all thanks to the Delhi Police and their check-posts (read […]

Drifting Away

The other day I was at a stand-up comedy show and some moron made a joke about how it’s “rape season” in India these days. I laughed like crazy not because it’s true, but because of the shock value and I don’t think this is a subject you can joke about. But it is the […]

Be That Change

Last year, there were close to 600 reported rapes in Delhi. The unofficial number is probably more than double that. Since the unfortunate incident in Delhi last weekend, there have been two more reported rapes, one minor in Delhi (again) and another gang rape in Uttar Pradesh. Why aren’t we protesting against those, or thousands […]