My Jawbone UP24

Update: After 6 months, my Jawbone UP24 broke. The internalsĀ snapped while I was sleeping. Sadly, as I had purchased it in Amsterdam, there was no way of returning it for a refund without incurring some substantial costs. So instead, I went bought myself a Xiaomi MiBand. How’s that in comparison to the UP24? I’ll let […]

After A Week With iOS

I’ve spent a week playing with my new Apple iPad Mini and somehow I think it warrants a blog post. It’s no secret that I’m a huge gadget/tech lover. Although my phone and tablet are Android, I love Apple products even if I can’t bring myself to buy them all. After having used a Sony […]

Nike Push Up Bars

Instead of buying expensive gym memberships, I prefer to keep small work-out equipment in my room. Over the years I have bought a bunch of stuff, but there is one item that keeps on repeating itself, my Nike Push-Up Bars – which I have bought 4 of in 3 years. Why? Because Nike ensures that […]