Internet Piracy 2.0

We’ve come a long way as far as internet piracy is concerned. I remember a time when people were clueless about from where to download a song. So they came to me and I was more than happy to charge them for a CD full of their favourite songs. Agreed it took me ages to […]

The End Is (Almost) Here

You guys probably think I’m some BB hating, RIM bashing guy. Well, I won’t deny it, I am. And today I’m delighted that BB declared massive lay offs, a $1 billion loss and that they are finally deciding to move away from consumer markets. All on the (supposed) eve of the launch of BBM for […]

A Tale Of Two Faltering Giants

So let’s skip to the chase – both Nokia and Research in Motion (RIM), the makers of Blackberry, are struggling to fight against the dominance of Apple and Google in the smartphone world. Not so long ago, Nokia and RIM were at the top of their game. I don’t want to ponder over the strategic […]